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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

The original collectible wall plaques have been handmade in Canada since 1995.  Interactive, timeless and capturing pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life.  It has been said that Sid Dickens Memory Blocks strike a perfect balance between intrigue and artistic appreciation. It is recognizable that many careful steps are taken to bring a Memory Block from its early vision to its place on the wall. Carefully handcrafted from start to finish in the Vancouver-based studio, each Memory Block undergoes a unique process at the hands of numerous highly skilled and specialized artisans using traditional raw materials and artistic techniques. Other fans acknowledge the incorporation of materials with organic-based products and our mandate to retain a safe and pleasant environment inside the workplace. Still others love Memory Blocks because the quality of each tile is unmatched.

Every piece shows pride of workmanship.  Sid Dickens uses only the highest grade material all of which are subjected to in-depth experimentation before final selection to ensure the optimum finished tile, going to great lengths to preserve the muse that so inspires the art.  Perhaps the most apparent reason that Memory Blocks have found their way into so many lives is that, while uniquely individual, they allow us to share the stories that define us visually. Their beauty aside, they enrich our lives by connecting us to each other, igniting our self-expression and bringing a sense of depth to any space.

Since 1995, PH&Co has been importing Sid Dickens Memory Blocks from Canada.  In the intervening years, PH&CO have established the  “Sid Dickens Memory Blocks” brand as a highly desired item of decorative, collectable art in New Zealand.  There are two ranges of Memory Blocks released every year and there are also a number of the existing ranges retired each year. Consequently, as more collectors have discovered Sid Dickens, demand for the range has grown.  Demand for the retired Memory Blocks has also grown and there is an active exchange on EBay and local online auction Internet sites.  PH&Co has an active customer supplying many of the leading retailers in New Zealand.

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