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Current Collection

  • NT498 Turdor Rose - Iron
    Unite the warring roses into one, Flourish, and bring peace to the land.
  • NT499 Tudor Rose Gold
    Unite the warring roses into one, Flourish, and bring peace to the land.
  • NT502 Endless Gift
    Revealing an eternity in a moment's glance, Sweet radiance of passion and devotion.
  • SP 13 Beloved
    Pieces destined to fit together,
    making us one and complete.
  • SP 16 Together
    Hands intertwined, Bonded together, In partnership and love.
  • SP05 Mum
    Your love and support is the foundation of my strength and courage, leading me to the path of endless possibilities.
  • SP06 Dad
    Your love and support is the foundation of my strength and courage, leading me to the path of endless possibilities.
  • SP07 O Canada
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise
    The True North strong and free!
    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
  • SP08 The Star-Spangled Banner
    O long may it wave
    O'er the land of the free
    And the home of the brave!
  • T166 Unicorn
    Life is magic where the unicorn plays, Symbol of eternal Spring, the pure and noble.
  • T168 Spirit of the Season
    Christmas 2005 Limited Edition Through grace Through mercy Through love We are as one.
    Out Of Stock
  • T173 Limoges
    More coveted, and costlier than gold, Every Paris princess or mistress Wanted tea in Limoge.
  • T180 Story Book
    Once upon a time… Happiness reigned. Everyone remembered their dreams. Hearts yielded to laughter like a town to a carnival.
  • T181 Enchantment
    Spiritual symmetry swam through the blood like a mermaid's enchantment.
  • T182 Aquamarine
    Moonlight was aquamarine. The night a tranquil vessel for floating inside your dream.
  • T183 Acanthus
    Great palaces arose in the mind. Acanthus leaves opening like wings to the sublime shoot of happiness within.
  • T187 Passage
    An elusive gamble… Trust the intrepid spade.
  • T188 Tapestry
    Fabric of life. This tapestry of innocence and experience.
    Out Of Stock
  • T189 Victory
    With fate's surrender, our love prevails.
  • T190 Empress
    This monarch, you, my queen. My love expressed to you through prose.
  • T192 Opaque
    A partial glimpse of a weathered soul.
  • T193 Virtue
    "…he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn."
  • T196 The Gift
    An infinite moment; Survived through forgiveness.
  • T197 Coat of Arms
    Our mark; History emblazoned upon our hearts.
  • T198 Naturlich
    This beauty; solemn twig. Nature's oracle, Hearkening tomorrow's bloom.
  • T199 Imperial Column
    Stone beacon. Tomorrow's eyes will also see our permanence in time.
  • T200 Chambre
    Emperor's strategies and victories. Comprised of the secrets these walls keep.
  • T201 Concord
    As we walk with harmony, Our unified step becomes a march.
  • T203 Regale
    Abundant beauty, Joy in such a measure, hearts feast..
  • T207 Star of Zanzibar
    Elegant twists narrate A romance with the mystical.
  • T210 Phoenix
    Avian dream. Bound to the sun, Its wings bourne of flame.
  • T211 Tatau
    Elaborate lines applied by hand. Permanent marks, Celebrating the story within.
  • T212 Divine Love
    Inseperably connected; sacred heart, forgivness, and love.
    Out Of Stock
  • T213 Angelic Spirit
    "He rode upon a cherub and flew upon the wings of the wind"
    - Psalm 18
    Out Of Stock
  • T218 Lexicon
    Random letters, alphabet of chance. Breath of language; our soliloquy.
  • T222 Once a Paragon
    Better a diamond with a flaw, Than a pebble without.
  • T224 The Cloak
    Crimson opulence, Envelop my senses, With the symphony of your flame.
  • T228 Divine Mercy
    Take refuge in the mercy of this heart, and partake the spirit of love's divine light.
  • T229 Nexus
    There is a love between the sun and moon, Echoed in shadows; a reflection of our dreams.
  • T236 Union
    True love deserves neither honors nor reproaches. *Released in Bisque Finish - 2010-09-06
    Out Of Stock
  • T239 Rococo
    Impressions from worlds past, Gardens in distant places, Awaken our collective memory.
    Out Of Stock
  • T240 Chantilly
    Black silk thread, Embodies feminine wiles in aristocratic elegance.
  • T242 Medina
    Beyond these gates, Might lie magic, Might lie truth. Enter with quiet curiosity.
  • T245 The Seeker
    Infinite directions to explore; The centre remains within.
  • T247 Impression
    Be adventurous; travel far. Leave a quiet imprint worthy of this life.
  • T250 Odyssey
    Hidden code, Of the continuous journey.
  • T256 Winged Sage
    Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul. - Emily Dickinson
  • T259 Ancient Bloom
    Look to this sacred symbol of rebirth and enlightenment. Awaken your spirit to the sun.
    Out Of Stock
  • T261 Faerie Flowers
    Sprightly dances, On rolling wisps of wind.
  • T268 Equinox
    Falling leaves sing softly, Of the fading sun and the distant light of dawn.
  • T272 Fledgling
    How quickly time passes, my child. Take this moment; keep it close. Like the youthful voice of Spring.
  • T279 Curio
    Unlock the mysteries inscribed by ancient hand. Interlaced circles of being, Roots connecting all humanity.
  • T290 Rose
    This sweet and vibrant scent, Infused with deep magic, Springtime and true love. 2013 (Spring)
  • T291 Enlightenment
    The light in me sees the light in you.
  • T292 Heart
    Courage my love, In all you do, Your heart is as pure As your aim is true. 2013 (Spring)
  • T302 Bacchus
    Let us dance to the music of the grape. And may your cup be ever full. 2013 (Fall)
    Out Of Stock
  • T306
    Like the pure light of morning, You came into the world At just the right time.
  • T307 Fanfare
    "Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil." ~ Reginald Heber ~
  • T312 Perennial
    Spring, our most anticipated friend, Offers a feast of perpetual delight.
  • T314 Delft Blue
    This unmistakable blue, Sought after the world over.
  • T315 Artist's Signature
    20th Anniversary Collection.
  • T319 Rosarium
    A sacred garden tended with love. Collection: 2014 (Fall)- Nocturne.
    Out Of Stock
  • T322 Shadowplay
    Darkness plays with light, A delicate partnership. Collection: 2014 (Fall)- Nocturne.
  • T323  Delphinus
    A constellation in the northern sky. Placed by the Greek deity Poseidon. Collection: 2014 (Fall)- Nocturne.
  • T338 Honeycomb
    A framework of perfect design, small miracles blessed with sweet nectar.
  • T340 Halcyon
    Your love can calm the prevailing winds, create a safe harbour in which new life may begin.
  • T346 Alabaster
    A stone so pale as if to shine from within, illuminating the home.
  • T356 Currency
    How rich it is to love; To seek and to be found. This currency is ancient, It makes the world go 'round.
  • T363 Mon Ami
    To walk with you at sunrise, run to you when darkness falls, in good faith and good humour, 'tis my joy to heed your call.
    Out Of Stock
  • T385 Friend
    Old friend of mine, thank you for the wisdom and observations. You are the magician and the prophet of good luck.
    Out Of Stock
  • T386 Conquer
    There are no limitations to life, only self-directed boundaries. Unleash the holds and own your freedom.
  • T393 Resilience
    Brilliant light that illuminates the sky, you are my force and strength.
  • T402 Benevolence
    With compassion and empathy, we heal and renew.
    Out Of Stock
  • T403 Chance
    Like the roll of the dice, our lives are directed by strategy and good luck.
    Out Of Stock
  • T404 Red Camellia
    With the breath of spring,
    we long for nature's colour
    the flower of excellence and passion.
    Out Of Stock
  • T405 Comedy and Tragedy
    Balancing lessons to learn and grow
    on life's vibrant stage.
  • T407 Sacred Lotus
    Spiritual reflection engages the purity of the mind and body.
    Out Of Stock
  • T415 Majesty of Truth
    Firmly planted in the soul of the earth, celebrating the glory of humanity.
  • T417 O Canada
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.Due late September. Pre-order now
  • T419 Cryptic
    Navigate the mysterious way of life
    through the patchwork and diversity
    of all cultures.
  • T421 Adorned Cuff
    My heart holds true,
    awaiting my future and fortune.
  • T422 Heart Song
    The whole of many parts is found
    in the harmonized melody of our song.
  • T427 Commitment
    Forever and ever, our love is eternal.
  • T432 Rejoice
    As they stand innocent before us,
    the existence of angels is
    joyful and prosperous.
  • T433 Icon
    Our Mother gives Her heart;
    child of mine,
    protected and adored.
  • T437 A Forgotten Letter
    Sentiments connecting life and emotion
    through the tradition of handwritten letters.
  • T438 Valiant
    In the spirit of the lion, find courage, strength, and wisdom.
    Out Of Stock
  • T439 Morning Glory
    Gentle and strong blooms, navigating through the twists and turns of life's array.
    Out Of Stock
  • T441 Stone Tapestry
    Ancient patterns of Moroccan florals give way to faraway fantasies.
    Out Of Stock
  • T443 Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
    Delicate blossom of spring; A reminder of life's precious moments and beauty.
  • T445 Bravery
    With a fighting spirit,
    be fearless in life's pursuits.
  • T446 Cashew Apple
    Unique natural beauty,
    bearing fruits for all.
  • T447 Honour
    Respected and held in the highest esteem;
    the product of integrity and truth.
  • T449 Comospolitian Flower
    Sophisticated and refined,
    you are of glamorous character.
  • T450 Cello
    Expression without words,
    connecting the soul through music.
    Out Of Stock
  • T451 Dice
    Opening the doors to endless possibilities,
    you never know what will come next...
    Out Of Stock
  • T452 Calla Lilly
    White flower standing so elegantly,
    embracing the purity of nature's soul.
  • T458 Clover
    So small, yet so rare; once found, can lead to good luck.
    Out Of Stock

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