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New Releases

  • T457 Clover - Metal Finish
    So small, yet so rare; once found, can lead to good luck.
    Out Of Stock
  • T458 Clover
    So small, yet so rare; once found, can lead to good luck.
  • T459 Heron
    Majestic birds of strength and determination;
    the symbol of good fortune and purity.
  • T468 Protector
    25th Anniversary Collection - Rapt by compassion and empathy, there is beauty in sacrifice
  • T470 Sphinx
    25th Anniversary Collection - Mythic being of Greek legends, favouring brain over brawn, outwitted only by wisdom
    Out Of Stock
  • T471 Nautical Star
    25th Anniversary Collection - Nature's compass pointing the way to one's own path, illuminating the hidden truth.
  • T472 Griffin
    25th Anniversary Collection - Resilience and fortitude come forth through courage and strength held within.
    Out Of Stock
  • T474 Clarity
    25th Anniversary Collection - Four corners coming together, connecting us to one truth.
  • T475 Ouroboros
    25th Anniversary Collection - Life is a never ending cycle of rebirth, a pattern as old as time, the ancient symbol of eternity.
    Out Of Stock
  • T476 Victorious
    25th Anniversary Collection - With perseverance and dedication the seeds we sow flourish and are triumphant
    Out Of Stock
  • T477 Mystical
    25th Anniversary Collection - The magic of life lies in its possibilities and the ability to live it to its fullest.
  • T478 Baroque
    25th Anniversary Collection - Extravagant movement sculpted in stone, reminiscent of a bygone time.
    Out Of Stock
  • T479 Filigree
    25th Anniversary Collection - Treads of elegance and strength, an intricate depiction of our blood.
    Out Of Stock
  • T480 Courage Dear Heart
    25th Anniversary Collection - Love withstands all
    Out Of Stock
  • T481 Mortal
    25th Anniversary Collection - Celebrating life, bearing witness to the beginning and the end.
    Out Of Stock
  • T482 Unity
    25th Anniversary Collection - With integrity and determination together we reap the sweet goodness of our harvest.
    Out Of Stock
  • T483 Unconditional
    Together as one, Our differences enrich us, United by love.
    Out Of Stock
  • T485 Waxwing
    Perched among the cedars with silky plumes, May your kindness and generosity bear fruit.
  • T486 Acorn
    Gem of the mighty oak, A symbol of strength and prosperity.
  • T487 White Blossom
    Born from a seed into bright blooms, Illuminating purity and innocence.
  • T488 Imperial
    With a flair for the dramatic, Leading with love and compassion; The Queen of Hearts.
  • T490 The Observer
    Sing with the invigorating rise of the warm sun; The start of a new day and all its opportunities
  • T491 The Optimist
    The seeker of positivity, Gifting joy and light, Blossom into the bright.
  • T492 Memoire
    Give thanks to the past, For without its time, we have none
  • T493 Bountiful
    With seeds of good will and thoughtful intention, May we sow the foundation of our community.
  • T494 St Nicholas
    From a winter wonderland, His anticipated journey begins, Bearing gifts of all who believe.
  • T495 Saint Cecilia
    Her serene melody fills our hearts, Her heavenly glow inspires the soul; The patroness of music.
  • T496 Winter's Bliss
    Guide and guard with a loyal heart, Faithful friendship of extraordinary grace.
  • T497 Poinsettia
    Crimson blooms in winter's frost, Bringing vibrant colour to the season;
    A rejuvenating breath of freshness.
  • TWP04 Kindness
    "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." ~ Unknown
    Out Of Stock

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