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Signed by Sid Dickens

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  • T180 Story Book
    Once upon a time… Happiness reigned. Everyone remembered their dreams. Hearts yielded to laughter like a town to a carnival.
  • ZS01 Capricorn (Silver)
    The Sea-Goat - Earth Sign: Patient, ambitious, persevering, authoritative, self-reliant.
  • ZS02 Aquarius (Silver)
    The Water-Carrier - Air Sign: Unconventional, intellectual, rebellious, sophisticated, progressive, humanitarian.
  • ZS03 Pisces (Silver)
    The Two Fish - Water Sign: Adaptable, dreamy, sympathetic, idealistic, artistic.
  • ZS04 Aries (Silver)
    The Ram - Fire Sign: Brave, impulsive, competitive, pioneering, freedom-loving.
  • ZS05 Taurus (Silver)
    The Bull - Earth Sign: Resourceful, dependable, loyal, affectionate, strong-willed.
  • ZS06 Gemini (Silver)
    The Twins - Air Sign: Clever, inquisitive, versatile, lively, sociable.
  • ZS07 Cancer (Silver)
    The Crab - Water Sign: Protective, sensitive, tenacious, motivated, loving.
  • ZS08 Leo (Silver)
    The Lion - Fire Sign: Generous, charismatic, risk-taking, dramatic, independent.
  • ZS09 Virgo (Silver)
    The Virgin - Earth Sign: Practical, industrious, efficient, observant, modest.
  • ZS10 Libra (Silver)
    The Scales - Air Sign: Diplomatic, hospitable, organized, charming, just.
  • ZS11 Scorpio (Silver)
    The Scorpion - Water Sign: Dynamic, passionate, intense, creative, mysterious.
  • ZS12 Sagittarius (Silver)
    The Archer - Fire Sign: Adventurous, persuasive, expansive, philosophical, optimistic.

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