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  • T166 Unicorn
    Life is magic where the unicorn plays, Symbol of eternal Spring, the pure and noble.
  • T168 Spirit of the Season
    Christmas 2005 Limited Edition Through grace Through mercy Through love We are as one.
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  • T173 Limoges
    More coveted, and costlier than gold, Every Paris princess or mistress Wanted tea in Limoge.
  • T180 Story Book
    Once upon a time… Happiness reigned. Everyone remembered their dreams. Hearts yielded to laughter like a town to a carnival.
  • T181 Enchantment
    Spiritual symmetry swam through the blood like a mermaid's enchantment.
  • T183 Acanthus
    Great palaces arose in the mind. Acanthus leaves opening like wings to the sublime shoot of happiness within.
  • T187 Passage
    An elusive gamble… Trust the intrepid spade.
  • T189 Victory
    With fate's surrender, our love prevails.
  • T190 Empress
    This monarch, you, my queen. My love expressed to you through prose.
  • T192 Opaque
    A partial glimpse of a weathered soul.
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  • T196 The Gift
    An infinite moment; Survived through forgiveness.
  • T197 Coat of Arms
    Our mark; History emblazoned upon our hearts.
  • T198 Naturlich
    This beauty; solemn twig. Nature's oracle, Hearkening tomorrow's bloom.
  • T199 Imperial Column
    Stone beacon. Tomorrow's eyes will also see our permanence in time.
  • T200 Chambre
    Emperor's strategies and victories. Comprised of the secrets these walls keep.
  • T201 Concord
    As we walk with harmony, Our unified step becomes a march.
  • T203 Regale
    Abundant beauty, Joy in such a measure, hearts feast..
  • T207 Star of Zanzibar
    Elegant twists narrate A romance with the mystical.
  • T210 Phoenix
    Avian dream. Bound to the sun, Its wings bourne of flame.
  • T211 Tatau
    Elaborate lines applied by hand. Permanent marks, Celebrating the story within.
  • T218 Lexicon
    Random letters, alphabet of chance. Breath of language; our soliloquy.
  • T222 Once a Paragon
    Better a diamond with a flaw, Than a pebble without.
  • T224 The Cloak
    Crimson opulence, Envelop my senses, With the symphony of your flame.
  • T228 Divine Mercy
    Take refuge in the mercy of this heart, and partake the spirit of love's divine light.
  • T240 Chantilly
    Black silk thread, Embodies feminine wiles in aristocratic elegance.
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  • T242 Medina
    Beyond these gates, Might lie magic, Might lie truth. Enter with quiet curiosity.
  • T245 The Seeker
    Infinite directions to explore; The centre remains within.
  • T247 Impression
    Be adventurous; travel far. Leave a quiet imprint worthy of this life.
  • T250 Odyssey
    Hidden code, Of the continuous journey.
  • T256 Winged Sage
    Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul. - Emily Dickinson
  • T261 Faerie Flowers
    Sprightly dances, On rolling wisps of wind.
  • T268 Equinox
    Falling leaves sing softly, Of the fading sun and the distant light of dawn.
  • T272 Fledgling
    How quickly time passes, my child. Take this moment; keep it close. Like the youthful voice of Spring.
  • T279 Curio
    Unlock the mysteries inscribed by ancient hand. Interlaced circles of being, Roots connecting all humanity.
  • T290 Rose
    This sweet and vibrant scent, Infused with deep magic, Springtime and true love. 2013 (Spring)
  • T292 Heart
    Courage my love, In all you do, Your heart is as pure As your aim is true. 2013 (Spring)
  • T307 Fanfare
    "Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil." ~ Reginald Heber ~
  • T312 Perennial
    Spring, our most anticipated friend, Offers a feast of perpetual delight.
  • T367 Songbird*
    Pure joy in plain song. Echoing the rapture of spring.
    Out Of Stock
  • US187 Passage (Silver)
    An elusive gamble… Trust the intrepid spade.
  • US189 Victory (Silver)
    With fate's surrender, our love prevails.
  • US193 Virtue (Silver)
    "…he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn."
    Out Of Stock
  • US194 Applique (Silver)
    Embroidered incandescence. Life's threads.
  • US196 The Gift (Silver)
    An infinite moment; Survived through forgiveness.
  • US204 Heraldry (Silver)
    Protector of dominions, Nature's stalwart lance.
  • US207 Star of Zanzibar (Silver)
    Elegant twists narrate A romance with the mystical.

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