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Sid Dickens No Longer Available

  • T029 Harlequin With Moulding
    Whimsy of the Elizabethan jester captured in the curl of ornament.
    Out Of Stock
  • T282 Pierrot
    I am but a fool playing only for your love. Spare me your applause, kind madam; One caress will be enough.
    Out Of Stock
  • T295 Mandala
    Beside the rushing stream, Be still. For this is the jewel in the Heart of the lotus. 2013 (Spring)
    Out Of Stock
  • T305 My Angel
    Every child a blessing. 2013 Limited edition. 2013 (Fall)
    Out Of Stock
  • T380 Explorer
    Led by forces unpredictable, We navigate the lessons to be learnt.
    Out Of Stock
  • T395 Hanami
    Cascading through space and time, blossoms fall gracefully. Elegant and pure, faithful to the earth.
    Out Of Stock
  • T416 Collage
    Like a giant mosaic, shards of pattern and presentation, we are one world.
    Out Of Stock
  • T419 Cryptic
    Navigate the mysterious way of life
    through the patchwork and diversity
    of all cultures.
    Out Of Stock
  • T436 Adornment
    From histories past, there is a revival of strength and grace.
    Out Of Stock
  • T458 Clover
    So small, yet so rare; once found, can lead to good luck.
    Out Of Stock

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