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T045 Piano Keys

T045 Piano Keys
Bone white and black. Keys castings spells, rising and falling, like all the passions of the heart.

In the spirit of the last holiday before the new millennium, Dickens has chosen to evoke the eternal and unconditional love of the feminine spirit in his tile, "Madonna." Using an image taken from the Vatican's treasures, combined with precious metals, he plays upon his idea of the everlasting alchemic quality of personal and millennial transformations. "The holiday nurtures the immaculate source in all of us," says Dickens, "Whether you're a Christian or not, the image of mother and child evokes love, harmony, and peace in all of us." The collection also showcases tiles with gilded and relief ornament and images taken from his gothic and renaissance archives. In addition, and sure to be a best-seller among avid collectors is the long-awaited "Piano Key" Memory Block. This handcrafted tile brings back to life piano keys found in a burnt out concert hall in Eastern Europe. The stark geometry and tactile quality of this tile evokes memories of a last sonata played that is now awaiting the first chord of the new millennium.

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