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T200 Chambre

T200 Chambre
Emperor's strategies and victories. Comprised of the secrets these walls keep.

Civilizations come and go; kings and emperors are born, die and born again. Cities and kingdoms and people that inhabit them all subject to the permanent impermanence of time. Our time living remembered through monolithic ruins, our expressions given immortality through themes of love and allegiance. This Spring 2008, Sid Dickens plays his part with his creation of the “Empire” Collection, a series of Memory Blocks possessing a demure beauty that will speak their eloquence for seasons to come. Nine beautifully designed tiles to remind each of us of our place in history and those who’ve shared it. History becomes legend, time submits to the influence of ages; eras defined by people and the ones who lead them. Sid Dickens, ever strengthening his fellowship with time, emboldens his place amongst us with “Empire”, a regal manifestation of life and living.

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