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US207 Star of Zanzibar (Silver)

US207 Star of Zanzibar (Silver)
Elegant twists narrate A romance with the mystical.

Throughout the centuries, cultures around the world have cherished self-expression in their celebration of life, tradition and values. By various means and styles of art, timeless representations of our realities remain; a testament of life. Marking the skin of one’s own body as a means of expressing the most deep ideals or beliefs has been a choice for as long as history itself. For Fall 2008 Sid Dickens imprints his legacy of expression with the release of “Tattoo”, a symbolic collection of tiles connected to memories of life, adventure and love. Themes emblazoned on the skin of people across the globe; permanent reminders of time’s passage. Skin…canvas of memory, adorned with tales of life and experience.

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